2015 Fall Regionals Are Approaching

Across the country, regions are gearing up for their regional conferences. Be sure to save the date of the conference in your region. Register to reserve your seat today, as each meeting will present beneficial information regarding the progress of I.S.I. and more.

The Ohio Valley Regional Weekend will take place Friday, October 23- Saturday, October 24, 2015. Business meetings will be conducted on Friday, while Saturday will consist of a morning community service project and a sisterhood bonding event shortly following. There is no registration fee to attend the meeting; however, we are asking all hearts in attendance to donate $20 ($10 for the community service fund and $10 for the region's general treasury). Please note, all sweethearts in attendance must be transitioned to I.S.I. Contact OVR President Fe'Lisa Wilson to reserve your spot or if you are a non-I.S.I. member needing to transition.

The Atlantic Coast Regional meeting will take place on November 14, 2015 at the Hotel Woodbridge at Metropark in Iselin, NJ from 3:00p- 6:00p. Registration fee is $25. This meeting is open to all sweethearts (including non-I.S.I. members looking to transition). Brothers are also welcomed to attend the meeting to gain a better understanding of Iota's partnership with I.S.I. For more information, please contact ACR President Shirley McLean-Jackson.

The Midwest Fall Regional Conference will be taking place in Indianap