Iota Sweethearts Spread Holiday Cheer

Throughout the holiday season, members of Iota Sweethearts, Inc. (I.S.I.) have found a variety of ways to spread holiday cheer across their local communities. Whether it be wrapping gifts, a toy drive, or serving dinner, I.S.I. is front and center finding ways to better the community.

OVR Sweetheart Laura Neely

In the Ohio Valley Region, Sweetheart Laura Neely volunteered at a gift-wrapping event at Southern Park Mall in Youngstown, OH. All donations raised benefited the Jewish Community Center Scholarship Fund.

In the Atlantic Coast Region, the NYC Pi Omega Alumni chapter hosted its annual Holiday Toy Drive, working in conjunction with Friendship Baptist Church in Harlem. This year, the chapter collected 73 toys for the event, played games with the children, served pizza, and read stories about Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

Midwest Region Sweetheart Denitra Liggans supported Restore the Role's "Cover The Homeless And Christmas Giveaway", an event geared toward feeding children during the holidays who usually depend on school prepared meals.

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