Sweethearts Voice Their Thoughts In "Why I Ow Sweet" Campaign

It is the start of the new fiscal year, which means there are only 19 days left for non-transitioned members of Iota Sweethearts to be "grandfathered" into the newly incorporated organization. As the transition deadline approaches, active sweethearts are making every effort to reclaim and retain members from the now disbanded auxiliary.

During the month of June, I.S.I ran a social media campaign titled "Why I Ow-Sweet." The message, simple- to remind inactive members to think about why they originally became sweethearts. From all over the country, I.S.I. members shared their stories on what drew them to the organization, and why transitioning was important to them. Take a look at what some members voiced as their reasoning for joining Iota Sweethearts in the first place:

Ohio Valley Region Undergraduate Representative Elexis Buchanan (Michigan)

"I Ow-Sweet because even though our name has changed, my love for what this sisterhood represents has not. Being a part of this organization has not only changed me as a person, but it has made me a better speaker, a better listener, a better organizer, a better sister, and a better friend. I Ow-Sweet because over the past five and a half years, I've gained so many relationships; ones that I will cherish forever! I know that the bond that I've built with all these beautiful women from all walks of life would not have been possible if it wasn't for the brothers of Iota Phi Theta. I Ow-Sweet simply because we are a strong mass of individuals who won't conform to what society thinks we should be, despite their misunderstandings. We know what we are, and who we are, and we're stronger because of it!"

Atlantic Coast Region Sweetheart Rosanna Castillo (New Jersey)