Sweetheart Envia Malone Takes the Reins As National Events Committee Chair

Iota Sweethearts, Inc. (I.S.I.) has a new National Events Committee Chair in Eastern Region Sweetheart Envia Malone.

Since becoming a sweetheart, Malone has held various positions in the Eastern Region. She’s previously served as DC/MD/DE State Liaison and has held the role of regional secretary since the fall of 2010 (first appointed, then nominated and voted twice). This will be her third term serving in that capacity.

Malone’s experience planning events on the regional executive team gives her valuable insight into where she sees the future of this committee: “My goal is to bring my expertise in coordinating detail, professionalism, and organization to the events of ISI on a national level.

“I want to establish a hardworking and dedicated team of young ladies who are interested in taking ISI to new heights in regards to events. I also look forward to the partnerships we create with other organizations for events in the future. I am excited to develop the new committee team and executing events in the near future.”

Malone is a D.C. native and a graduate of University of Maryland, where she became a member of the organization in the spring of 2009 through the Nu Chapter. She currently resides in Baltimore City, MD.


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