Ways To Save For Clave

It is 2017 and already we are almost into February. Before we know it, it will be the summer, than "bam" it's our conclave! Are you always waiting last minute to plan? Well here are some tips to help you plan accordingly in advance.

1- Plan to be there: Okay, seems trivial enough, but let's be honest, most people do not make serious arrangements to be there until last minute. Mark your calendar, request the time off of work in advance, and book your room.

2- Register early: The closer to conclave it gets, the more the price goes up. Register now, and take advantage of the payment plan option available.

3- Split travel costs by going with a group: Not sure who to room with or roadtrip with? Put it out there now that you are looking for roommates and roadtrip buddies. Post in our national group or respective regional groups. It's also a great opportunity to fellowship and build memories, not to mention save some money.

4- Look at all modes of transportation: There are several options from major cities to make it to Orlando in July, from bus, train, plane or automobile, look at the options that best fit your budget. (and stay tuned for an upcoming piece on Conclave transportation options!)

5- Create a 'clave fund': A clave fund, is money you specifically set aside for conclave. You can put aside an amount of your choice that will cover your expenses during the week. This should include, transportation, meals, outfits, and spending money.

6- Take Care of Business: Coming together with the Iota Family is always a blast, but we must handle business first and foremost. Make sure you are there for our business meetings.

7- Take advantage of the registration incentive: Although this won't be received until after conclave, this incentive will essentially pay for your registration. For more info, please refer to previous emails sent on this incentive.

8- Check your emails often: You never know if there will be additional information to help you save money such as group flight information, discount shuttle service, amusement park tickets etc. Keep an eye on your email.

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